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Reach your business goals with eflora


We'll build you a site just as beautiful as your flower shop.


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We'll bring you innovative, cutting-edge technology.

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We have tried and tested ways to engage customers.

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We'll be here to do all the hard work for you.

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Stunning, individual ecommerce websites

We'll build you a site just as beautiful as your flower shop

Stunning, individual website designs with the option to choose your own colours, fonts and style to suit your business.

A suite of stylish best seller tiles, banners, roundels 
and icons to help entice your customers with offers and promotions. 

Personalise your website by adding and selling your own signature products, at your own prices to show off your unique style.

Unlimited content pages to showcase your bespoke wedding, funeral and corporate work.

Social media icons on your homepage that link to your social platforms and help market your websites.


We'll bring you innovative, cutting edge technology

Mobile-friendly design to make sure your website looks great when viewed on mobile, table, laptop or desktop devices.

A safe and secure payment page hosted by the UKs leading provider, World Pay, including Address Verification (AVS) to help guard against online fraud.

Top of page menu navigation to improve customer journeys

SEO copy on all your content pages to provide better visibility on search engine.

Secure HTTPs sites including the trusted padlock symbol to improve your customers' experience and conversion to orders.

An intelligent system which autocompletes the address as the customer starts to type, making the buying process even quicker.


We'll deliver tried and tested ways to engage your customers

Linked to Google Maps on your homepage to help customers find your business from their mobile.

Instant click to call from mobile to help convert online browsers into direct telephone calls to your shop.

Quick loading webpages for speedy shopping.

Finishing Touches offered on a separate page, proven to increase onsite conversion.

Category tiles on your homepage to allow customers to easily navigate your website and promote your best sellers.


We'll be here to do all the hard work for you

Customer Support Agent

Self-Service or Full-Service

website management - you decide.

Either way you will always have

dedicated support on hand.

You will also receive regular analytics and reporting with a quarterly health check.

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