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Get more than just a website with eflora 

Our ecommerce websites are available to ALL florists. Signing up to an eflora website automatically gives you access to our Order Management System (ROSEGold). Your website will be merchandised with your own product range and orders will be sent just to you for fulfilment.  

You can also upgrade your eflora subscription to one of our membership packages. 


For more products and even more orders, upgrade and become part of the Interflora network of florists which includes access to our national and international relay services. Our relay services automatically link you to the best florist network in the UK and Ireland, all quality approved to Interflora standards. It also provides access to an international florist network delivering to over 130 different countries.  We have a number of packages available to suit all florist business models.  Click here for more information.  


Whatever your package, you can rest assured that when you sign up to an eflora website you will be working with a partner that just gets it. We've been experts in e-commerce since online retailing began, so you can be confident that we'll deliver tried and tested ways to engage your customers to increase sales and maximise your average order values. 

We'll be here to do the hard work for you, providing you with the very best support, combined with simple self-service options so you can be in control 24/7.  

Signing up to eflora is easy, just complete your application form below and we will be in touch to do the rest.  

Upgrade your eflora subscription and become an Interflora Member and part of the Interflora network of florists 

When you become part of Interflora, you're tapping into a heritage which will help you turn your already successful business into an even more profitable one.  Our mission is to champion local florists and create beautiful moments for special people.  ALL our floral gifting orders are made-up and delivered by our florists.  

Interflora is the biggest and most respected floral gifting company in the UK and Ireland. We take pride in the skill, creativity and expertise of our florists - they are our unique selling point. 


Our new flexible membership packages include different order fulfilment options, adaptable payment terms and excellent sending and executing commissions.   

  • Interflora Relay Service 

  • Florist to Florist Relay Service 

  • Sending Only Service 

  • Pay as you go Sending Only Service 


Membership benefits can include (*):-

  • Additional incremental business - We will help to add value to your sales through promotions, product line extensions, premium delivery services and a wide range of finishing touches including exclusive branded chocolates, champagne and teddy bears. 

  • Our significant brand marketing investments create consumer awareness, interest and demand.  Over 2 million products delivered by our florists in the UK & Ireland each year. 

  • Connect with our like-minded florist community across the UK and Ireland and share experiences and best practice on our closed Facebook group, regional forums and national networking events. 

  • Access to top quality sundries and other exclusive floristry supplies from our Online Marketplace.  

  • Business Membership to the Floristry Trade Club worth £30 per month.  

  • Benefit from the security of interest free credit and twice monthly payments to support your cash flow.

  • Use of the Interflora brand - As a member you will benefit from full use of our brand and our product imagery to drive more customers into your business. Use delivered orders generated by Interflora to market your business locally by adding your shop business card, encouraging repeat local business. 

(*) subject to package selected 

Becoming part of our vibrant florist community and benefiting from the support of the biggest investor in florists in the UK and Ireland has never been easier.    

If you want to turn your successful business into an even more profitable one, then email our friendly membership team today by clicking the Join Interflora button below. 


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