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Our websites are winning

It’s been just over a month since our new eflora florist websites launched and we’re already seeing some outstanding performance. Year on year, visitors to eflora sites have increased by 50%, orders are up by 30% and last week saw the biggest sales day, outside a peak, this year!

We think eflora websites are really something special...

...but we can’t take all the credit, our lovely lot of eflora subscribers have been busy personalising their new sites, bringing their online shops to life by adding their bespoke products, specialist services and unique local offers.


We'll work with you to design your homepage - an opportunity to showcase your own top- selling designs to drive more local business.


With eflora you can feature hundreds of images in your wedding gallery and present them by theme, style and colourway.


With our bespoke banners you can promote the other specialist services you offer, like this local cake decorating supply business.

Is your website helping your business

or holding you back?

To find out more about our stunning, individual ecommerce websites and how they can help you increase sales, book your online demonstration today.

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