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7 new updates to our florist websites!

We’re always looking at ways we can make our eflora florist websites even better than they already are. Earlier this week we introduced two fabulous new features on our eflora websites and five Myeflora enhancements. We’ve included more detail about the updates below:

Subscribers can now create bespoke content for their website’s footer in Myeflora. Giving them the option to update their website’s header/footer as and when they need to. To do this, all subscribers need to do is simply head to Myeflora.

Making changes to florist website footer example

We’ve given subscribers the ability to create their own custom discounts in Myeflora instead of only being able to select from the pre-populated discounts.

Creating a promo code in Myeflora

We’ve added aReset Homepage’ button to Myeflora so that florists can easily revert their website’s homepage merchandising to our recommendations if they’ve changed the merchandising to include their local products previously.


2 x user experience updates. 

2 x bug fixes.

We're constantly striving to make our florist websites the best around, take a look at the other fabulous florist website features here and find out why we're so much more than just any other old website provider.


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