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Is your website ready for Mother’s Day?

Updated: Feb 20

Mother’s Day is fast approaching – the biggest day of the year in the floral calendar! Whilst you’re busy prepping your shop window and organising your stems and sundries, we’re here to help you with getting your website prepared too.

Mother and daughter

Here’s our Mother’s Day checklist for your florist website:

It goes without saying but make sure you have a Mother’s Day Category on your website filled with appropriate products. For eflora subscribers, we’ve taken care of this for you and your Mother’s Day category is live on your sites.

Mother's Day category page example

Create a standout Mother’s Day homepage banner to prompt customers as soon as they visit your site. Top tip! Don’t forget to include the date for this year’s Mothering Sunday on your banner.

Take a look at the banner we’ve created and uploaded to all eflora websites:

Mother's Day homepage banner

Mother’s Day incoming usually means later hours and different shifts – make

sure you update your florist website with any changes to your opening hours. It’s best to add your opening hours to your ‘About us’ page, you can read our Top 10 ‘About us’ page boosters blog here.

Add your local finishing touches range to your website – think candles, diffusers, vases, chocolates, hand cream etc. to create the perfect gift. For eflora subscribers, you can upload these products yourself with the help of our How To video.

Finishing touches page example
Mother's Day bundle gift set

Create your own bundle products – it’s a proven fact that it’s a lot easier to encourage customers to purchase a bundle gift than it is a gift with a finishing touch. Put together a few different options and add them to your Mother’s Day category. The Floristry Trade Club have a fab article on smartphone photography which you can read for some extra tips.

If you stock any other giftware, add these to your site too. With eflora it’s super easy to create a new category for these items and it should also be pretty straightforward for those of you who use an alternative website provider.

We love Pickering’s Plum & Ashby range on their site:

Giftware on florist website example

Subscription flowers make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift – they’re the gift that keep on giving! Creating your very own subscription flowers range is super easy, read our Subscription Flowers How To Guide here.

Whether you’re a member of Interflora, Eflorist, Direct2Florist or another relay company, make sure you add your own local products to your website as well as your relay organisation’s product imagery. Adding your local products will show off your style and will resonate with your customers more. If you're an eflora subscriber, we can help you upload your local products or you can do this yourself using Myeflora and our How To video.

We loved The Flower Shop Oxford's local Mother's Day range last year:

Mother's Day local product range on florist website

Review last year's product performance to give you an idea as to what this year's best-sellers could look like. Once you've identified these products, make sure they're visible on your website's homepage and share them on your social media accounts.

Turn on Click and Collect – a great way to drive footfall to your shop and ease your delivery route.

Click and collect banner

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, blogs are so important! Not only are they a great way to show off your expertise but they’re great for your website’s SEO* too.

Here’s a few Mother’s Day blog topics to get you started:

- Popular Mother’s Day flowers

- Mother’s Day gift guide

- How to care for your Mother’s Day flowers

Create a limited time offer on your Mother’s Day range to drive more orders. This could be an early bird offer for 10% off, free delivery on the Friday before Mother’s Day or a free box of chocolates for order placed by a certain date. We can help eflora subscribers create a homepage banner or pop-up alert to let their customers know.

Take a look at this fab example from Mother's Day 2023:

Limited time offer example on florist website

Speak to your website provider to see if this is a feature they offer.

Put together a selection of pick up and go products such as smaller posies, bundles of daffodils or jam jar arrangements and advertise them on your website as Click and Collect only – a great gift from smaller children.

Last but not least! Don’t forget to share your products and finishing touches all over your social media channels and link these posts back to your website. Canva is a great tool and here’s a few content suggestions to get you started:

- Create a reel of you making up one of your Mother’s Day designs

- Like & share competition to win a bouquet

- Film a tour of your shop and the products you sell

We hope this checklist helps to drive additional traffic and orders on your website and you have a fantastic Mother’s Day.


If you’re an eflora subscriber, your dedicated Business Account Coordinator will be on hand to help you set up any of the above and you can access our exclusive content by joining our private Facebook group.


Not part of eflora yet? What are you waiting for? Find out what an eflora florist website could do for your business or you can read our other blogs here.

*Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - what helps to improve where your website is listed on search engines such as Google and Bing.



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