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Maximise your online sales this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming (eeek!) so we've put together some of our top tips to help maximise your florist website sales this coming peak:

1. Review last year's product performance to give you an idea as to what this year's best-sellers could look like. Once you've identified these products, make sure they're visible on your website's homepage and share them on your social media accounts.

2. Showcase your Valentine's Day finishing touches such as chocolates, wine and teddies - make sure they're visible on your florist website and in-store.

Creating a new 'Valentine's Day extras' category for these items on your website is super easy - for eflora subscribers you can update these details with Myeflora or with the help of your Business Account Coordinator. For florists using an alternative website provider, this should still be simple enough to do with just a few clicks.

3. Write a Valentine's Day themed blog - A great way to show off your expertise and

also boost your florist website's SEO*.

Here's a few topics that you could cover:

  • Alternative Valentine's Day flowers

  • A guide to red roses

  • Valentine's Day gift guide

All of our eflora websites for florists have blog functionality automatically built in.

4. Promote your local products to make sure you've got something for everyone. eflora member? Don't forget, for local customers you can encourage sales by promoting that you offer Click and Collect through your florist website!

5. Get in there early. Start promoting your Valentine's Day Collection ASAP to bring in as many forward orders as possible - this will help you to be as prepared as you can be. Why not use our suggested social post to generate a buzz with your followers: "Love is in the air... Our Valentine's Day Collection is now live on our website, shop the range here: <insert link to your website>".


If you're an eflora subscriber, you access our exclusive content by joining our private Facebook group or you can read our other blogs here.


Not part of eflora yet? What are you waiting for? Find out what else an eflora florist website could do for your online sales and business by clicking here.

*SEO - (Search Engine Optimisation) - what helps to improve where your website is listed on search engines such as Google and Bing.



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