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12 top tips for your florist website this Christmas

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Our elves have been super busy over the last 12 days bringing eflora subscribers plenty of tips on how they can maximise their sales this Christmas using their eflora florist website.

Here's our top 12 tips you can implement on your website today:

Day 1

Our top three predicted Christmas best-sellers. Get ahead of the game and make sure you're stocked up on the correct sundries, have your stems ordered and share the items on your social channels to catch those early shoppers based on our top three items.

We've even put together a suggested social post to get you started: 'It's never too early to start your Christmas shopping, right? If you're being super organised this year, our Christmas range is live on our website ready for you to take a look. Shop the Collection now: <insert link to your website>.

If you're not an eflora florist, take a look at what products performed well for you last year to give you an idea as to what this year's best-sellers could look like.


Day 2

Christmas wreath workshops are a big hit with customers each year. Have you thought about running your own Christmas wreath workshop?

With an eflora florist website, it's super easy for customers to register their interest on your site. Simply create an event registration form on, then let us know by emailing so that they can link to the form from your website. We can even help you create a homepage banner to direct customers to register. It couldn't be easier!

If you don't already have an eflora website, speak to your current provider to see if this is something they can help you set up.


Day 3

Create a short video or reel of you making one of your Christmas designs and share it on your social channels. With the rise of Instagram Reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts, time lapse videos like these are huge on social media right now.


Day 4

Mini Christmas Trees are a great addition to your stock, not only do they make great gifts but they can also form a wonderful shop window display.

Local products like these can be added to your eflora florist website and we can even add a 'local delivery only' merchandising label to create a smooth journey for your customers.

Adding your own local products should be super easy to do with any website provider, get in touch with them to add your designs to your site.


Day 5

Run an advent competition on your social channels for your customers to win daily prizes. You could use your own stock or partner with other local businesses in your area for the prizes.

Share the details of each prize and how your customers can enter on your social channels during December and promote your giveaway with a personalised homepage banner for your website to help spread the word.


Day 6

Open for late night shopping? Hosting an open evening with mince pies and mulled wine? Be sure to keep your website up to date with your latest opening hours and events. Amending your opening hours on any florist website should be easy to do and is even easier for eflora subscribers with Myeflora and our How To Videos.


Day 7

Blogs are a great way to boost the visibility of your website. All of our eflora websites for florists have blog functionality automatically built in so why not write a couple of Christmas themed blogs? Highlight your expertise with your specialist topics or talk about festive gifting.

Here's a few topics and ideas to get you started:

- Dressing the house for Christmas

- Christmas flowers and their meanings

- Christmas gifts

- Last minute gifts


Day 8

Drive more orders by creating a limited time offer like 10% off for the next 24 hours. We can help subscribers create a homepage banner or pop up alert to let their customers know. Take a look at this fab example:

Speak to your website provider to see if this is a feature they offer.


Day 9

Have you thought about offering a home or shop window dressing service? Services like these really show off your creative flair and highlight your skill. Let your customers know the services you offer in your 'About us' section on your website. Not only will this let your customers know about the services you offer but it will also help to boost your website's Search Engine Optimisation*. For more help with your 'About us' copy, take a look at our "Top 10 'About us' page boosters" blog.


Day 10

Add your local gifting range to your website which could be purchased as stocking fillers - think candles, diffusers, bath salts etc.

Creating a new 'Stocking fillers' category for these items on your florist website is super easy - for eflora subscribers you can update these details with Myeflora or if you need a hand, drop us an email. For florists using an alternative website provider, this should still be simple enough to do with just a few clicks.


Day 11

Put together 'Pick up and go' products - from festive and seasonal mixes to foliage bunches such as eucalyptus or ilex berries. Promote these items on your website and social channels as 'click and collect' to drive footfall to your shop.


Day 12

Be sure to make a song and dance about your Christmas Collection on both your website and social channels. As a festive treat for subscribers, our elves have developed a brand new Christmas homepage banner and category tile which has automatically been uploaded to their florist website.


And that's a wrap for our 12 days of eflora Christmas. If you're an eflora subscriber, you access our exclusive content by joining our private Facebook group or you can read our other blogs.

If you're looking to get ahead for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day then our "Maximise your online sales this Valentine's Day" and "Is your website Mother's Day ready?" blogs have some handy tips.


Not part of eflora yet? What are you waiting for? Find out what an eflora florist website could do for your business and book your demo.

*Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - what helps to improve where your website is listed on search engines such as Google and Bing.



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