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Unrivalled free marketing support for our eflora subscribers!

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Introducing our brand-new Digital Presence and Performance Reports!

eflora florists can now find out how their website is performing against other eflora subscribers and also how they can improve their site performance in just a few clicks!

Take a look (2022 version):


NEW FOR 2023!

We’ve made a couple of enhancements to the report this year, take a look below:


Each item on the report is something florists should be doing as best practice to ensure they're getting as many visitors to their website as possible. More website visits = more orders = more profit.

We've reviewed every single eflora website so that each subscriber has their own personalised report. Just another fab feature of having an eflora website, take a look at our other features here.


eflora is so much more than just a website, we're passionate about making our sites work hard for subscribers.

Are you receiving this level of service from your current website provider? Find out what an eflora florist website could do for your business and book your demo today. Alternatively, you can read our other blogs here.



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